Web 2.0 Tools | Lead Your Students OUTSIDE the Box with Museum Box!

Originally Posted @ I Love EdTech on 25-MAR-2010 by Elizabeth

Yesterday, I was chatting with some edtech friends about some of their favorite resources/tools that they’ve been using in the classroom lately. A few came up that I had not yet heard of (which I will be talking about in the next couple of posts) but the one that stood out to me was Museum Box.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of museums. All of that information in one place? It’s amazing! Museum Boxprovides you with the tools to showcase descriptions of an event, person, historical period of time, or anything you can imagine into a virtual box! Maybe your class is studying Henry VIII, Solar Systems, Picasso, or even geometry, Museum Box will allow your students to present their research, their case (for or against), and their opinions about various topics.

So, how does it work?

It is SIMPLE! Once you’ve started a new Museum Box, you will see a place to add images, text, sounds, videos, files, links, AND you can even change the color and size of your box!

Then your students can share or present their ideas to peers and teachers!

Need some examples? Sure! Museum Box provides you with tons of projects that have already been created so you can check them out or get your brain moving for some great ideas. Here are a few of my favorites:

And guess what? Museum Box has already put together these awesome documents for you:

Museum Box is FREE – exactly what I like to hear! You can even sign up your entire school!

Read the original article here.

About the Author:

Simple K12 has been involved with technology and online training for over 25 years. They are involved in partnerships with leading technology companies such as Certiport and are a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. School districts, education consortiums, and State Departments of Education rely on InfoSource Learning (Simple K12) to provide their teachers, students, and administrators with high-quality, cost-effective technology training.  Their How To Master online training libraries cover a wide variety of topics such as basic PC literacy for educators, teacher professional development skills, and classroom technology integration skills.


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