Web 2.0 Tools | Pegby ~ peg it up. move it around. get it done

I am an “organizational product” junkie.  I have tried and used just about every day planner – digital and traditional – there is.

I stumbled on one I really like!

Pegby is easy to use yet has some very handy and powerful features lying beneath its surface. Now all of Pegby is available for free to all teachers and students.

Pegby is set up like a corkboard with index cards stuck to it. The corkboard has three columns to place your index cards on. A column for things to do, a column for things in progress, and a column for things that are done. Each of index card can be assigned to a person, can have files attached to it, and can have due dates assigned to it. You can use Pegby as an individual or you can share your corkboard with others. Watch the video below to learn about Pegby.

Check out this 2 minute video and see if Pegby might be for you…


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