The purpose of this site is to help you!  The goal is to provide daily resources, help, articles, tools, and information to assist you in incorporating technology into the educational experience of your students.

The  “home” page will be updated daily.  It will contain the newest ideas, commentary, and/or information on Educational Technology that I can find.  If you have an idea for the front page please let me know – I would love to include it.

This site is a great place to share ideas, thoughts, experiences, and frustrations.  Click on the Share It! tab and speak your mind there.  Please put thought into what you say, everyone will see it!  So be quick, to the point and well spoken.

The Blog page will contain recent posts from myself, one of you, or guest bloggers.  The posts will be a smorgasbord of education and teaching.  Some may be related to technology, but most will simply be fun, light, inspirational or encouraging.  I would love to have as many guest bloggers as we can, so send me your ideas and let’s get you published!  350-600 words is ideal.  Don’t worry about the formatting, I can take care of that for you.


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