Language Arts | What’s Another Word For _______? Try Word Hippo

Tired of your students using the same words, particularly the same boring descriptive words, over and over again?  How many times can we read the words, “good”, “great” and “awesome?!”  Or how about “really good?”

I had a really awesome summer!  It was really good.  We went on a great vacation…”

Word Hippo provides your students – and even us teachers – with a simple and free tool that will help them quickly and easily discover new words that will make their writing more appealing and interesting (or I could have used: attractive,  tempting,  interesting,  fascinating,  enthralling,  charming,  glamorous, captivating, charismatic, or irresistible – all of those really great words thanks to Word Hippo)

Word Hippo is straightforward (uncomplicated, trouble-free, effortless, undemanding) and easy (painless, simple, trouble-free) to use.  You simply enter a word into the input panel located at the top of the Word Hippo website.  You have several options available.

Then, Word Hippo provides several alternative words in return.
For example, if I enter the word “beautiful” into the space next to, “What’s another word for,”  these are the results I would get back.  And there are even more options as you scroll down the page.

Give it a try! Let me know what you think. I hope you find it useful.
Do you know of any other similar site or online tool we could share?


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