Web 2.0 Tools | Collecting Student’s Work Without Using Email

If you’re in the habit of collecting students’ work via email, there are probably sometimes when your inbox is overloaded, making email slightly impractical. There are other ways to accomplish the same thing without this overload.

One way is to get students using Google Docs to share their work with you.  Google Docs is a great way to collect student’s work.  I have always been a fan of using Google Docs.

But here is another great way…

Another way, I’ve recently discovered, is to use Dropbox and connect it with a service called DROPitTOme to collect files online.

First, you need a Dropbox account.  It is free and very easy to setup.

If you are not familiar with Dropbox, think of it as a My Documents folder kept on the cloud (on the internet).  Dropbox allows you or others the ability to access your files from any internet connection, even through mobile devices.  Dropbox is a great way to manage your files over multiple PCs, and/or mobile devices.

By adding DROPitTOme  to the process you provide an easy way for students to upload their files to your Dropbox without them having access to any of the other files you have stored on your Dropbox.  Dropbox also allows you to create a folder on your desktop to “drag and drop” files into for wasy syncing.

Second, signup for DROPitTOme.  It too is free and will automatically connect with your Dropbox account, for easy setup.

DROPitTOme allows you an easy and efficient way to collect files from your students without giving them access to your online documents.

With DROPitTOme you get a unique upload address: http://www.dropitto.me/username with password protection.  You will also receive email notification when a new file is uploaded. Whenever you don’t want to receive files – you simply turn off the upload feature.

After syncing DROPitTOme with your Dropbox account a folder will be created within your Dropbox account called DROPitTOme. All the files sent to you via DROPitTOme will appear in this box. ALL your other files and folders will remain untouched within Dropbox.

Applications for Education

DROPitTOme is great for cutting down on inbox overload and quickly accessing the files your students submit to you.

If you have any questions on either of these online services, please let me know!  i would be happy to help you setup these up and begin implementing them with your students.


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